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To assist you to keep some time, Points Prizes compiled a useful list of the best MMORPG to play in 2019.


In IMVU that stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, you’ll be able to state your creativity by creating content, from clothes to rooms. There’s no limit to the thoughts. You’ll find no superior chance to produce a whole new world and meet new people.


The world of Arboreal is under blockade by evil beings, and the players are the world’s only hope. Developed by Blue hole Studios, Tera is not your archetypal MMO combat game, where you rely on your random armor and skills rating to avoid getting hit.

Bleach Online

Among Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon or Rurouni Kenshin, one of the most well-known and popular anime series is Bleach. Now, you can interrelate with all those familiar characters in the MMORPG Bleach Online.

World of Warships

From the same creators of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, the astonishing game World of Warships lets you control several 20th-century military vessels in fast-paced battles.

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Guild Wars 2

Without hesitation, it’s one of the most excellent MMORPG in the world – and it’s F2P. In the astonishing landscape of Tyria, the combat mechanics is epic and spectacular, based on the customary hotbars and cooldowns.


Through 47 universes, you’ll be able to erect your own intergalactic empire.

The fortune of your realm is in your hands – and Ogame gives you infinite possibilities.

Star Conflict

3000 years after the first colonists have left the Earth, there’s an enormous war between three factions This MMORPG is overflowing with action.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

In the gaming business, the Final Fantasy brand, considered to be Square Enix’s masterpiece, has a huge significance in the world of RPGs, with more than 110 million copies sold.

Anime lovers, this one is meant for you. The South Korean developer KOG, best recognized for the action MMORPG Grand Chase, made one of the best F2P anime-styled fantasy games out there.


Teach pets, construct your own house, get married and defend the citizens of Eastmile from demons. That’s some of the numerous things to do in Nostale, another successful MMORPG published by the Game forge.

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The anime-styled game is set in Eastmile, a once serene continent that is now threatened by demons. Even if there are not much avatar customization options, there game if filled with frequent events or quests. In the end, you’ll make Eastmile your home.

Never winter

Imagine that the toy company Hasbro, the publisher Wizards of the Coast, the Cryptic Studios and the developers of Perfect World connect forces into one large MMORPG. That’s the surprising never winter, also known as one of the cities in the Dungeons & Dragons lore.

This game is set a century after the Spell plague, a magical tragedy that struck upon Faerun, in a dystopian future. The players are restoring the splendor of never winter, but malevolence beings are planning to avoid that from happening.

Stronghold Kingdoms

Set in Middle Ages, Stronghold Kingdoms lets you become your own fortress lord. Developed by Firefly Studios, SK is the first Castle MMO: develop and design a flourishing stronghold.

What makes SK one of the most entertaining MMO out there are the strategic and political mind games. Opt the architectural, economic, military, agricultural, mercantile and manufacturing elements of your stronghold. Assist with your neighbors and control your enemies.

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