Best RTS Games

What Is RTS (Real-Time Strategy)?

The tests are often planned, calculated and sometimes even logistical. There are several different strategy games, depending on whether the game is real-time or turn-based, and whether its chief focus is on tactics or strategy.

Real-time strategy means that the whole thing is happening in actual time and the action is constant. That’s why players need to make their decisions and choose which actions to take in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of Playing RTS Games

1. Critical Thinking and Working under Pressure

RTS games are hard! They are demanding and inquire their players to put in a lot of work and force into winning. Players need to make bases, upgrade their units, gather, balance, and augment their resources and use them wisely.

2. Improve Your Analysis Skills

The primary thing you learn when you start playing RTS games is that they can be actually tough. They can be so hard that it’s sometimes virtually unfeasible for a new player not to seek help from senior players.

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3. Challenge Yourself

The most satisfying part of playing RTS games is the instant you outsmart or outmaneuver another player, chiefly when that person is possibly as good as you are.

4. Executing a Particular Plan under Pressure

The pressure is the main part of every RTS game. The pressure is, in fact, a big part of the test and the RTS experience. The key thing that differentiates RTS games and other genres is the fact that players don’t have any command over the pacing of the game, and the time that’s offered to them.

Best RTS Games For 2018

1. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

The game’s got an enormous collection of campaigns that cover different civilizations, including the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Macedonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Japanese and more. All of them have the same essential unit types but do differ in sprite design. Age of Empires is an ideal example of achieving a lot with very little. There are 16 civilizations to decide from, and 10 campaigns you need to overcome.

2. AirMech Strike

In AirMech players require to control an airborne mech which can all of the unexpected transform into a huge murder machine? It’s armed with a laser sword and shield, guns and rockets and it patrols the battleground in an attempt to find explosive scraps and dive into them.

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If you like transforming mechs and playing in a speedy-paced game world, then this game is ideal for you. It’s completely unique in its graphic style, and there are tons of new updates that are being released continually.

3. Valkyria Chronicles 4

The gameplay is set in the precise time period as the original Valkyria Chronicles. Though it’s set in the same time period, the gameplay takes place in a dissimilar part of the world, and the cast of characters is totally different. The gameplay is set on the continent of Europe, through the war between the Eastern Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation.

4. Total War: Arena

Whole War: Arena is a free-to-play RTS game. It features all the enormous commanders in the history of fighting and presents them in one big brutal package.

unluckily you won’t be able to find the game on steam, as it’s still being developed by Creative Assembly.

every player leads an army of three units and his job is to work as one with another team in order to arrest their base or defeat their opponent.

5. Surviving Mars

You’ll have tons of new and motivating challenges to conquer. You’ll need to focus on your task and execute a strategy to improve your new colony’s chances of survival on the new planet.

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This unfamiliar world holds many mysteries that you’ll expose over time. Get ready! Mars is waiting.

Best RTS Games of All Time

If you’re looking for games that have stood the test of time, and are still fairly popular, you can check out this list of a few of the best PC games in the RTS genre:

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