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If you are a gamer, there are 200% chances that you are a die-hard fan of The Fortnite, well, we love it too. Even if you aren’t a gamer, if you don’t know about Fortnite, it is only because you have been staying in the cave with no human interaction. Well, that’s not the point because we are going to tell you how to change characters in Fortnite with our best-in-town guide. But hold your horses as we are going to give some background knowledge about Fortnite before hopping at the guideline!

What Is Fortnite?

If by any chances you don’t know about Fortnite, let us tell you that it is a sandbox video game with two modes; Battle Royale and Save The World. The Battle Royale is PvP and is free to play but on the other hand, Save The World is PvE and is a paid version. This video game is up for grabs if you have Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, Xbox, and even the Play Station 4.

Change The Characters In Fortnite

Okay, so you knew about the Fortnite, but there are high chances that you have no idea about Save The World mode. So, let’s dig a little deeper into this specific model.

What is Save The World?

So, in this mode, there is a post-apocalyptic situation on Earth, and 98% of the Earth’s population has vanished, and in their place, monsters and zombies have taken over the planet. Those monsters and zombies become your enemies, and you need to defeat them in solo or multi-player settings. When you are opting for the solo player option, artificial intelligence is provisioned, but if you want an authentic experience, you can turn off the artificial experience.

While in the game, you need to save the world by saving the human survivors and keeping them safe. For that, you will need to kill the monsters and zombies on your way and also defend the poor human survivors. However, you will ace the game only if you have the perk of creativity, long-term planning, and extensive strategy building. This is crucial for fortifying the buildings and defending the human survivors from the enormous number of monsters and zombies. So, you need to plan ahead and defend the locations by keeping the forecasted actions of the enemies in mind.

Now, let’s see what the Battle Royale is all about as most of the people know about this version of the game only. So, Battle Royale is a PvP game, and in this game, there are 100 players fighting against each other on the island. On those small islands, there are some resources and players need to use them for defending themselves, loot the treasure, and to hunt for the land to live. In short, the game is all about survival.

On the island, there are medication, weapons, armor, and the ammo, but all of these things are hidden yet essential to defend yourself and to beat the enemy. If you have the skills, you can also collect the available resources which can later be used to build the shelter and stairs but importantly, you can build a shield to stay safe from the gunfire.

There are other materials available such as cars, buildings, bushes, trees and you can break them up to collect wood, metal, and bricks for the following situations. The following situations include the storm taking over the island, which will reduce the area. This way, your opponent will move closer to you, and you will need to fight them to be the one left alive. Now, in this game, you have options to play as a team or to play as a solo player.


There are evidently two modes of the Fortnite, but as a game, they have similarities such as gathering the material and using that material to build fortifications. In the Save, The World mode, collecting the material is mandatory as you will need to build fortifications to level up and survive. However, in Battle Royale, there are hard and fast rules of collecting material, and you have the choice whether you want to gather it or not.

The weapons and materials in both modes are somewhat same, but as the Save, The World is more complicated, one needs better weapons, and this is why that model has advanced items and traps. Some of the special weapons in Save The World includes laser rifle and flame-shooting SMGs. Now, let’s move on to the guideline which allows the users to change the characters in Save The World mode of Fortnite

The game has an abundance of characters, but each character has a unique storyline along with the special features and techniques. In the Save The World mode of Fortnite, there are character options such as ninjas, constructors, outlanders, and soldiers. But these are all the advanced players, and you need to unlock them. Until you lock them, you will have no choice but to play with the soldier class hero, which is a default one from the game. However, unlocking the heroes and character isn’t rocket science.

To make sure you get to unlock the heroes and characters, you need to watch the tutorial as it helps you grasp the idea of building structures and how you can save yourself from the monsters and zombies to survive. Once you are done with the tutorial, you can collect the loot llamas, and if you have a good fortune and fate, you might even get a hero right away!

Many people think that finding the loot llamas is a complicated thing, but there are readily available. However, if you still don’t see the loots, you can check the in-app purchases or play the quests.

This is how you earn the hero and character in Save The World mode, and you can change the character for playing by choosing the desired one from the hero tab on the game.

How To Change The Characters In Fortnite – Battle Royale

The character you are playing with speaks a lot about your personality, and if you want the character to resonate your personality, you will need to change it. The game was first launched in 2017 and didn’t have the option to change the character. You were provided with the character randomly. However, this feature was transformed in the later updates.

In the Royale Battle, you can use the v-bucks to earn the skin that you want. You can also use the battle pass to earn the different skins as it is an option on the economic side. So, after buying the skin, you will have to get an outfit in a few simple steps.

First of all, you will need to buy the skin and after that, go to the locker tab to select the skin (this is practical only if the skins are unlocked)

So, tell us which is your favourite you have managed to unlock?