When Will Fortnite save the World Be Free

What Is Fortnite?

Your job as a player is to discover the map, look for arms, ammo, bandages and all other kinds of loot that you can find to augment your chances of survival.

Players can break down objects in order to get wealth to build fortifications and protect themselves against invasions and attacks.

In the ending, only one player, or one team of players can be the winners.

What Is “Save the World”?

Microtransactions help hold up the game. They are used to buy in-game currency, which is known as v-bucks and can be used to get new updates, purchase new skins, and so on. Even though currently this game mode is not free to access, you can still make free v-bucks for saving the world doing simple activities like taking the assessment, watching video ads, completing free offers and so on, on sites like Points Prizes. The most excellent thing about earning v-bucks is that you can share them between both Fortnight modes.

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What’s the Difference Between Save the World and Battle Royale?

There are a small number of other crafting materials present in Save the World. Other than wood, metal, and stone, you can also find twine from trees and ore from rocks that you can use to create overwhelming structures.

In order to construct particular items and structures, you’ll need to unlock the plan for it, which you can usually get by completing missions.

As you can observe from all of these differences, Save the World is a bit more strategic and involves so much more than just battle and survival.

How to Earn Free V-Bucks

Fortnight Save the World is the unique PvE game mode. Once you’ve paid for access, then it’s just a subject of grinding away daily to make free v-bucks. You can 50 per day for doing the daily quest and then another 600 or so for part of the main questline. There are also tons of other optimizations you can make, to make the most of your free v-buck farming efficiency.

When Will Fortnite Save the World Be Released for Free?

Fortnight’s Battle Royale has to turn into one of the most well-liked games for 2018. Although for now, that’s the only mode that’s free to play, classic Games have announced that they are working on a few more features in order to complete the PvE mode, and eventually release it for free as well.

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They still haven’t said precisely when Fortnight Save the World will be free to play, even though they’ve announced that it will be sometime this year.

How Many People Play Fortnite?

It can hard to follow the exact number of players, not like PUBG that’s played through Stream and can easily track all players.

Though, Fortnite developers announced that they previously reached over 3.4 million concurrent players at the beginning of February, which surpassed PUBG’s 3.2 million, making Fortnite the main game of the year so far.

We can’t know the total figure of players that play each day, or how many people have played the game since release, but that figure of over 3 million concurrent players is still pretty imposing.

Even though this is the top recorded statistic so far, I believe the number has already exceeded that.

Why Is Fortnite So Popular?

You have a vast range of arms and items to choose from, and a big map that you can explore. There are tons of items that you can discover and all of that makes it tremendously exciting and thrilling.

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If you want to be the only one that survives, you require arranging well, becoming a master of building and timing your attacks well. All of that makes the game very addictive and you can’t help but come back to it again and again so that you can try to recover your skills and do better next time you play.