Some rich people give money by organizing competitions and quizzes. This will be helpful for people who have money issues. Those people feel embarrassed to beg for money from someone. But online giveaways are the best solution to help those people. These online quizzes and competitions are usually performed by foundations of people. These foundations makes websites for those people to join a participate in the online giveaways. Poor and needy gets help by this method.

There are lots of fake websites that are also on the internet which promise you to help you, but they don’t. Before joining any website know about the status of the website. Only legit websites will be able to give you money.

How to Get Free Money From Rich People Fast

Before knowing about legitimate sites and people, you should know about the process to follow websites that provides money giveaways. The procedure is mention below.

Create an account

You have to create an account on the websites which are providing money giveaways. Some websites don’t take any money to create an account. But before creating an account make sure that the website is legal or not. If you locate any doubting things, then you can go to the other website. The best way to check that website is legit or not is by reading the reviews.

Provide story

Some of the giveaways online send you money by reading your story. The story which you have written to win the competition. This is the easiest way to win the giveaway. Write your real story as per requirements. Avoid writing a too-long story because it will not be effective for the mediator to read.

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Send the story

After writing, you have to send the story to the mediator. And pray to win the best story reward. If your story is interesting then you will be able to get money. If your story promoted by the mediator it means you win the money giveaway.

Get the money

You have a PayPal account if you want your money.  The company will send your prize to your bank account. It is easy to get money from giveaways online. This is not always about to write the story, sometimes they require a quiz or sometimes they require to solve a riddle from you. It depends upon the websites. Getting money by money giveaway is called online begging; however, it is lawful. Because companies send you money on their own desires.

This activity is becoming less moral because of some people who write fake stories in order to get money. Be careful when you choose a website for online giveaways because some of them are a fraud.

Sites List to Ask Money from Rich People 2020

Now it’s time to know about the names of companies who give you the online giveaways. Keep in mind these are website names, not people’s names. These websites are legit because these websites will give you money. These websites are made by foundations to reach needy people. You also can Get Free Working Netflix Account and Password – 100% Premium Accounts.

This is the website which is organizing by millionaires. you can get money from this website by writing up ‘ASK’. You can also choose where you want to use this money such as you want to pay for food, school, lease or other things. Millionaires will decide whether you are eligible to get this money or not after reading this. By this simple step, you can get money from rich people.

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By using this website, you can get money from strangers instead of millionaires. This website works as an online fundraiser. In this website, the mediator will see your reports and send help to needy people. This website receives money from the people who want to spend their money for help. This website helps individuals for hospital bills and medicine. There is no deadline to apply for funding. This website is very easy to use and you can use this website on mobile as well. You can share this on social media and ask for more help. This website raised $5 billion approximately for needy people.

This website helps needy and poor near its location. It raises money for the people according to location. This website is supported by Facebook Feed, and it is a significant organization for money giveaways. You can also help poor’s by joining this website. You can build a free campaign for needy people. This website charges you 3% for the processing fee. And you have to pay 4.9% for each donation you get from this website. You can easily withdraw the money if you don’t get the target.


This website will raise funds for inventions, business ideas or certain products. You have to follow some rules which are set by this website. For instance, restrictions on partial funding. If your target is $50,000 however, you only raise $35000 then you are not allowed to withdraw your money. It will charge you to pay 5% of the total fund including 5% of processing fee and 20 cents have to pay for the pledge.

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This website is nonprofitable for individuals. You can withdraw the money if the fund is partial raises. You just have to pay only 5% of the total fund. You can post any legal project. People should have innovative and creative ideas for the project. On this website, millionaires will figure out that you are eligible for funding or not. The campaign can be extended by you if the fund is partially raised.


If you want to grow your business then this website will definitely help you. You have to pay $299 for the subscription per month. Investors on this website help you to raise your business. This site can raise up to $150 million with a premium package.


This website is designed for individuals who are looking for help. This website helps individuals in the long term, for example, buying a home and car. This website has no funding rules. Additionally, it is free and you don’t have to pay for anything.  You must have a savings account if you want to start your account. Your friends, family, and relatives can donate you too.

By using these websites. you can raise money for your food, home, medical, lease, and many other things. You can also find people who need help. Most importantly you have to be careful while choosing the website to raise funding. These websites help you to find people who give away money.