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Free V Bucks CodesJust like all the other online games Fortnite also has its own in-game currency which the players can use to purchase premium items. Such in-game currencies are used to monetize the game which according to the developers in necessary in order to raise funds for regularly updating the game.

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Free V Bucks Generator – Fortnite: V-Bucks – How To Get Free V Bucks

The in-game currency for Fortnite is V Bucks. You can either earn it by completing small tasks and missions in the game or you can buy them using the real world money. But the problem is that not everyone has free bucks lying in their bank accounts waiting to be used for buying V Bucks thus players look for free ways to get their hands on V-Bucks.

There are a number of websites that offer you free V bucks but most of those are scams thus it is impossible to figure out which ones are legit. In order to assist you we have gathered a list of free methods through which you can earn V-bucks for totally free so let us look at those tips and tricks.

1- Complete Mini Boss Timed Missions

There are various timed missions on Fortnite: Save the world. You can complete these missions to get rewards like free V bucks, transform keys, and perk resources, evolution experience and so much more. Every six hours the missions are rotated so complete them before you miss them. There are a number of missions but you need to focus on the Mini-Boss mission in order to earn free V-Bucks.

2- Complete Daily Quests

If you have completed the tutorial mode of Fortnite: Save the World then you will have the opportunity to participate in the Daily Quests which are rotated on a daily basis. You need to complete these quests in order to earn V bucks. You will earn between 50-100 V bucks per Quest so team up and accomplish your objectives. Few of the daily quests are;

Name: Daily Destroy (Arcade Machines)
Objective: Destroy 6 Arcade Machines in successful missions
Reward: 50 Free V bucks

Name: Daily Destroy (Fire Trucks)
Objective: Destroy 3 Fire Trucks in successful missions
Reward: 50 Free V bucks

Name: Daily Destroy (Garden Gnomes)
Objective: Destroy 3 Garden Gnomes in successful missions
Reward: 50 Free V bucks

3- Earn Free V Bucks by Logging In

You can also earn V bucks by logging in regularly. Fortnite: Save the world provides the players with free V bucks only on certain days of logging in. if you regularly log in you will be rewarded with V bucks. You will get your first free V-Bucks through logging in on the 11th day. The amount of V Bucks can range from 50 to 3000.

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