Alternative Games like Minecraft

About Minecraft

Most of the time in Minecraft you only excavate blocks and make different buildings. There aren’t specific rules to follow in it. The player is free to roam around and play the game as he wishes. The game has most of the stuff from real life such as trees, stones, water, etc.

The player can venture out and explore most of the map of Minecraft and make any type of building they want.

What Makes Minecraft So Popular?

This is a very popular game and it is because it lets the player do anything he wants. Make his own stories, characters and be whoever he wants to be in the game.

Minecraft is also a very social game, where you can meet up and play with your friends, or you can also choose to play alone, wander around and explore the world on your own.

What Keeps People Interested in Minecraft?

Here is a list of reasons why people like Minecraft:

  • You are all on your own with absolutely nothing with you to save you so you have to start making your own shelter.
  • The Minecraft map is infinite and the player can venture to almost anywhere.
  • You can make swords, pickaxes, and shovels to dig out stuff and get ores.
  • If you get killed by something or die, you drop all the stuff you had with you.
  • When the player gets lost and the sun is setting it gets the thrill up and the player can get worried about how to survive the night.
  • The creators listen to public feedback and add new upgrades to Minecraft.
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Because it is so famous, many other creators also make their own versions of Minecraft so you can experience some of the games for free.

1. Terraria

It is pretty much like a 2D version of Minecraft instead of 3D. Just like Minecraft, the player has to make a home, fight opponents and survive long enough to gain reputation and luck. The player can also fight bosses.

2. Portal Knights

This is a 3D game that can be downloaded on Microsoft WindowsXbox OnePlayStation 4Nintendo Switch and even mobile phones.

It is pretty much a smoother version of Minecraft with better graphics. When you start the game you can either be a warrior, a ranger or a wizard. The player can find portals to get to further flying islands.

At the start, the islands will look tiny but when you start to level up you will find bigger islands and fight bosses.

The player can make artilleries, have protection and even make bows for defense.

The player can play with more than 3 people on co-op.

3. Don’t Starve

In this game, your basic task is to survive with enough food so that you don’t starve to death and survive the winter as well as other real-life stuff.

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In this game, the player can only carry one item at t time.

4. Roblox

This game is free of cost as many players can play it at once. The players can make their own designed game or others can also join it. In this game, the player has to make some buildings by using blocks.

5. WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft

In this game, the player can check out other player’s game world and can also meet new people. It is similar to my craft. It can be played on mobile as well.

6. Fortresscraft Evolved

This is the most sold game of indie games. This game includes an exceptional mixture of combat, strategy, exploration, tower defense, etc.

It is the same as Minecraft. It’s a user-friendly game.

7. Cube World

It’s a mixture of the sandbox and RPG games. The game involves the exploration of various worlds. There are a lot of things a player can do. The player has the autonomy to choose any of the four modes: Spirit Mage, Warrior, Ranger, and Rogue.

8. StarForge

StarForge has survival, crafting, and science-fiction in its core. You need to gather resources in order to construct something while trying to survive on an alien planet. You can also collaborate with friends and defend bases together. There’s a lot of shooting as well, which is the one thing that differentiates it from Minecraft.

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9. Ark: Survival Evolved

In this game instead of Minecraft mobs, dinosaurs are used in their places.

The layer in this game is thrown into a world that is filled with dinosaurs and the player has to find shelter as soon as possible. He will make his own weaponry by using the available material.

10. The Forest

In this game, the players fall into a forest from a crashing plane. So he has to make weapons through the material available to him in the forest. It is the same as Minecraft only it’s creepier.

So it’s a survival game.

Happy gaming.