the forest game

Game Synopsis

From crafting exceptional tools to building homes there’s a lot to learn and many ways to make your way during the story. No matter what route you select, you’d best be prepared to face some truly frightening creatures, cannibals and even unsafe animals in The Forest.

The Basics

The Forest does make sure that you have a plethora of supplies, to begin with unless you’re playing on an enormously hard mode.

Gathering Supplies

Goods are key to your survival in the game, so you’ll want to make sure you’re get-together and storing as many of them as you can.


Among the baggage you’ll find in diverse areas all over the island, you’ll find things like candy bars and sodas


Your early health items will be in the form of meds, which you’ll normally find in baggage. as it can sometimes seem like there is a nearly limitless amount of these items, you’ll be likely to see them reduce as you open up the entire luggage available on the island.

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Crafting Materials

Stuff like sticks, rocks, logs, cloth, feathers and other similar kinds of objects may seem insignificant while you’re starting.

Building Your Shelter

Protection is one of the key aspects of your endurance in this game. It allows you a place to sleep during the night and save your game.

Building Basic Shelters

Your endurance book will provide you with a number of pre-built shelters.

Building Custom Shelters

In addition to those pre-made shelters, you can also generate your own custom shelters using things like custom walls, floors, roofs, and foundations.

Hunting and Gathering

As you may anticipate when you’re stranded on an island, you will need to chase and gather your own food. The snacks and sodas you find in baggage early on in the game will only last you so long.


As you can expect from the woods, there are a variety of different plants that you can group for different purposes. Things like leaves and sticks assist with building.


In the forest, there are deer, rabbits, bears, lizards, and fish that you can chase for your own reason.

Helpful Tips

Knowing Your Enemies

You surely won’t be alone inĀ The Forest, so you’ll require having a basic understanding of the enemies you may run into.

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One of the first opponent types you’ll run into is normal cannibals. These beings fundamentally appear human, but they act in irrational ways, including running on all fours, following you and doing some terrible things with your fellow plane passengers.


Keep in mind that these creatures are stronger and earlier than the typical cannibals, and they often wander in packs, especially later in the game.

Dangerous Animals

When it comes to predators, The woods do contain more than just the cannibals and mutants.

Understanding the Environment

The environment around you will influence your health, the animals you run into and your access to resources. as a result, it’s going to be important to know a few basic things about them.


There aren’t many tremendous biomes in The Forest, like you’ll find in similar kinds of games like 7 Days to Die or even mine craft.


As you’re making your way about the island, you’ll also need to keep an eye on the weather patterns and climates. In cold areas, you can wind up with hypothermia, which will gradually bring down your character’s health. This is true whether you’re in a snowy biome or just out in the rain.

Using Your Resources

Arming Yourself

When you start the game, you’ll have the clothes on your back, an axe and something you can gather. past that, you’ll need to craft your own weapons and armor.

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The initial mace you’ll receive is the axe, which works as both a tool and a weapon.


Armor is also amazingly helpful as you take on the various enemies in the game. You’ll also have a number of choices, depending on the results you’re looking for to attain.

Useful Crafting Combinations

As you’re getting started in your endurance on the island, there are some first crafting combinations that you’ll want to know. We aren’t going to give away too many, as you’ll need some dare in the game!

Finding the Ideal Home

If you want a home that is totally safe, building on an island or using a house ferry is your finest bet.

Following The Story

Your goal in this game isn’t just to survive, although that is certainly a big part of it! You’ll also need to look for Timmy and discover the secrets of the island.

Locating Important Items

Remember the clues and tools that you come across, including caves, locked doors, pictures and notes you might find in various areas.

Finding Timmy

Your ultimate goal will be to reach the bottom of the sinkhole. However, this is a daunting task.